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Dalcroze Institute at Juilliard


 With my friend Claudia from Italy

The Dalcroze Institute at Juilliard, 2008 got off to a very sad start. The head of the program, noted international Dalcroze leader, and my dear friend and mentor Robert Abramson passed away 6 days before the program was to begin. It is a tremendous loss to Music in general, Dalcroze in particular, and for me personally. Dr. Bob, as we called him, was a genius both of music and of the art of teaching. Nevertheless Daniel Cataneo continued on with the work.

I normally teach only during the last week of the program, but this year was asked to give a special master class on Friday of the first week. The respected Moon Yeon-Kyoung, the director of Eurythmics at Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, South Korea asked if I would teach her students some Delsarte, because they were all registered for one week only of Dalcroze, and would be leaving soon. Sookmyung is Korea's top rated university, so you can imagine what an honor it is to be asked to give a master class to such students!
The students were gifted, responsive, very respectful,and very open to learning as befits such a school. They enjoyed their Delsarte class very much, and ms Moon's no.1 son translated for me, while her second son ran the video camera. The students were also charming and fine ladies, so teaching them was a delight.. It's easy.


As you can see, I felt like the star of a Broadway show, a thorn among many roses.

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