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Historical Articles

In 1928 a New York Times article described the characteristics of  the artistic shortcomings and challenges that are faced by a dancer in search of the artistic. Many of these issues are currently recognizable and might give us cause to think about what is being taught in dance 86 years later. Articles

Early news of Delsarte in America

An early mention of Steele Mackaye and his attempt to raise funds for Delsarte and bring him to the US to start a school. The article starts on the bottom left corner of the pdf.

In February 1897, the subject of womens's health and clothing was discussed, as well as a bit of Delsarte. Delsartean practice can be credited with early development of women's rights and freedom from the corset.

In 1889, Genevieve Stebbins, student of Steele Mackaye and author of "the Delsarte System of Expression, is mentioned in the New York Times, performing a Greek Dance based on friezes. Isadora Duncan would have been a mere 18 year old at the time. There are several stories in this pdf, but the middle of the left column tells of Stebbins and her Delsarte Matinee.

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