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Favorite Links

An interesting find: the online "Journal of Nonverbal Behavior" offers information and links to many interesting sites.
The Dalcroze Institute at Juilliard  With the death of Robert Abramson (Dr. Bob) in 2008, the Dalcroze program at Juilliard was discontinued.

Emile Jacques Dalcroze was strongly influenced by Delsarte'e work in movement and in music. This wonderful program uses movement to teach true musicality in its highest forms. I am proud to be on faculty for the fourth year in a row, at one of the most challenging and educational music programs at the world's most famous school of the arts. Music is rhythm not merely beat or meter, and rhythm is motion!

Here is a NON-favorite link- this tiny little site continues the prejudice against Delsarte. It is unfortunate, but this is why my site exists

Valuable online books for research:

The Delsarte System of Expression- Genevieve Stebbins (1902 edition) The book with which I began my study. This edition includes the text of a lecture by Delsarte and further chapters on theory and history of Delsarte's ideas.

The Synthetic Philosophy of Expression -Moses True Brown Very interesting study. This book has a section on Delsarte and gives very thorough explanation of some of the basic philosophy.

Physical Education in the Public Schools: an Eclectic System of Exercises- R. Anna Morris 1892 I recently found my own copy of this book in an old Bookstore in Frankfort, Kentucky. If only Delsarte, as it can be understood today, could once again be taught in public schools.

Society Gymnastics and Voice Culture, Adapted from the Delsarte System- Genevieve Stebbins 1888


Kali Ray and her Tri-Yoga. Hers are not celebrity fashion exercise classes. These are classes for serious adventure into the power of yoga for transformation of the self. My own guru. Here is a very good Youtube video of Kaliji, with some very good yoga knowledge thrown in.

The Cincinnati Yoga School  Located on one of Cincinnati's hills, this yoga school is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It is housed in a former Masonic hall, with all the sense of the sacred and mysterious intact. The director, Will Brashear always emphasizes that yoga exists to make us better people, not merely stronger or more flexible. As of this writing, Delsarte has been a part of three of his Teachers' training curriculum. (curriculi???)
More to come!

Grassroots Yoga My good friend, fellow yogi or yogin, and very talented artist, Theresa H Thompson in Kentucky. Theresa knows a lot about a lot of things, and that also helps her be a great yoga teacher.

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