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Below is a listing of available seminars....

  • Body language and the dance
    This seminar introduces students to some of the most basic elements of body language, as revealed by Delsarte. Not applicable to only dance but to all the arts, business, communications, psychology, or any others who would benefit from more knowledge of the self. We look at the common movement languages of forward and back, side to side, diagonals, curves, and some simple expressions of the angles of head movement.

  • Delsarte's expressive zones of the body
    This seminar explores Delsarte's identification of Mental, Moral-Emotive, and Vital energies, as expressed in many parts of the body. This is a class filled with "A-Ha!" moments as students recognize how accurate and applicable these forgotten truths are. Learn how changing the height of a gesture by a few inches, or changing which finger is used to initiate a touch can powerfully alter the meaning of that gesture. Learn how your own movement patterns my be limiting the expressive use of your entire body.        

  • Beauty, Power and Presence                                                                                                         This seminar explores Delsarte's exercises in relaxation, and harmonic balance, revealing these three qualities in any person. Beauty is harmonic movement, revealing the inner beauty in action. Power is strength and readiness made accessible by the leverage and relaxation of balance movement. Presence is to be present in your entire body, cultivated by harmonic movement.                                                                                       

  • Delsarte's " Principles of Gesture"
    So much attention was given by historians to static and melodramatic applications of Delsarte, (the early writers and teachers decried that application as false to the actual Delsartean principles, and I agree) that it is rarely if at all known that Delsarte studied principles of motion and dynamic. In this class we study his nine "Laws of Gesture." I refer to them as "Principles," given that the word "laws" can be misunderstood to be limits, rules of boundaries, rather than a more scientific use of the word as descriptive. We explore his Principles of: Altitude, Force, Motion, Sequence, Direction, Form, Reaction, Velocity, and Extension.


  • Delsarte for Yoga
    The founding principles of Delsarte's approach may as well have come  directly from a Yoga Philosophy text. The ideas of a One-ness uniting everything resonates deeply with the teachings of Gnani Yoga, the yoga of study and mind. Delsarte's application of Body, Mind and Spirit to every part of the body allows the principles of yoga to leave the ashram and enter every movement and gesture and increases our awareness of our Unity with others. The principles of harmony and opposition in movement giving power, ease and precision can offer tremendous insights into an asana or flow. In truth, Delsarte is a yoga of expression and living motion.


  • Delsarte and the Modern Actor-No Melodrama Please!
    How can a modern actor grow from Delsarte's teachings? It is easy to imagine this study giving birth to choreography, but what about contemporary theater? The intention of an actual Delarte warm-up is to awaken the body and its relationship to internal emotion, thought and impulse. In this class we study the body and the universal principles in it. We increase the emotional range of motion, and awareness of emotional content within the body, and study specific techniques to give the control of expression and gesture to our creative unconscious. We use Delarte to better feel, perceive, sense and respond to our own inner world and to our fellow artists.


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