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​Lisa Rich McKelvey

Ames, Iowa

Lisa was first introduced to Joe Williams and the Delsarte method of expression in 2005. Then in 2013, she began learning to teach the Three Pillars Arts Delsarte method. In February of 2017, she became a certified Three Pillars Arts teacher.

Lisa, whose dance name is Shiara, ( is also a long-time student, performer and teacher of Middle Eastern (Belly) Dance. She discovered this beautiful art form in 1993 and began teaching it in 1998. Lisa is happy to be able to offer a wide variety of Delsarte
based movement and dance classes in the Ames and Central Iowa area through FunDamental Studios ( and is available to travel to teach workshops on the weekends in order to bring this valuable information to you, your friends, your family and your students! Lisa feels that her passion for dance and Delsarte make a perfect pairing and she  looks forward to sharing the good news about Delsarte with as many people as possible!

Areas of expertise & focus:

  • Three Pillars Arts Delsarte as applied to dance (specifically Middle Eastern dance)

  • Three Pillars Arts Delsarte Technique -- including classes in balance, relaxation and expression.

**Classes can be tailored to meet your individual needs and are available for all ages.

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